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Our commitment to superior customer service combined with the latest online technology has revolutionized the title industry.

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La Playa Title is your title and settlement service provider, using the most up to date technology. With over 25 years of combined experience, especially through the years of the market collapse, La Playa Title has the knowledge to make sure the title is reviewed and cleared properly leaving no room for error. Of course all work is insured and backed by not only La Playa Title, but Fidelity (the nations top title underwriter).

Qualified Title Assistance

La Playa Title agrees that technology is a key ingredient to the company’s success. However, it is the human component that differentiates La Playa Title from its competitors.

La Playa’s Commitment

La Playa Title offers personal, dedicated employees and real-time human interaction that gives our customers the support they have come to expect.

It’s All About the Bottom Line

When it comes to buying a new home, let’s face it, every dollar counts. La Playa Title is proud to ensure quick title work at an affordable price. Come find out why we are number one! 

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Underwriting done by Fidelity National Title

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