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Foreclosure Report/Pre-foreclosure Properties

We are going to issue a Foreclosure Report which will identify the following:

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  • Owner of subject property
  • Property Address
  • Legal Description of foreclosed property
  • Recording information of Vesting Deed and Foreclosed Mortgage, with any and all instruments that affect said documents ie. Assignments, modifications, etc.
  • We will list any and all title issues.  (prior outstanding Mortgages, prior Judgments/Liens, or any other interest that we can not join in to the foreclosure.
  • Tax information and Property Appraiser printouts
  • We will include any/all interest that will be named as defendants in the foreclosure suit.  (Owners; borrowers; subordinate mortgages and judgment/lien creditors; HOA and Condominium Association and any other party that may have an interest in the property.
  • Flat rate pricing: $75/order (Florida only)
  • 24 hour turnaround times