jaredLa Playa  is proud to work with one of the most accomplished and experienced professionals in the real estate industry.

Jared Fink has extensive experience working with the nation’s largest lenders, including Countrywide, Wachovia. During the real estate “boom” years, Jared specialized in the prequalification and closing of loans, and in the process, attained an in-depth knowledge of the interior workings of large lenders, their qualification procedures, and their underwriting guidelines. While there Jared was a Platinum Producer due to his outstanding customer service and hardwork.


Jared then brought this in-depth knowledge to the homeowner’s side, assisting homeowners in attaining loan modifications and short sales, and providing them advice and guidance with the assistance of The Law Offices of Hagen and Hagen P.A.. Attorneys, with “real life” financial decisions. While there he was involved with thousands of foreclosure cases, completed hundreds of loan modifications and short sales.

Mr. Fink is experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate transactions and now brings his talents to La Playa…