We’re a national title company with dedicated services.

Many national title service companies claim to be specialists in multi-state transactions, however, in actuality; they have a single office and a network of outsourcing relationships. La Playa Title is one of the few national title companies that do not work under an outsourcing model.

When you work with La Playa Title, you work with the best. Each customer is assigned a dedicated account manager who is the single point of contact nationwide. The dedicated account manager makes the process seamless and efficient. Nobody wants the hassle of dealing with different people in different states, and trying to develop a client relationship with multiple contacts. The one-stop-shop customer service model was implemented based on years of feedback and success.

At La Playa Title, we often receive feedback from our customers who comment that having one point of contact is a major plus. Many of our clients who have previously worked with outsourcing networks say that they have to deal with a different people in different states. Often times, there isn’t adequate communication between all the parties involved. At La Playa Title, we handle the entire transaction and ensure a smooth and seamless process.

Title laws and regulations differ from state to state. Banks, lenders, investors and Realtors prefer to work with companies that are equipped to navigate through these regulations in an efficient and accurate manner.