Shortsale Package

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La Playa Title, LLC has joined forces with the short-sale division of the law firm Richard Chosid,r14 P.A.* in an effort to provide a unique combination of title insurance experience and real estate law knowledge for the benefit of our clients, associates and colleagues.  The short sale division of Richard Chosid, P.A. is managed by the firm founder, Richard Chosid, Esq. and day to day operations are handled by a team of seasoned negotiators who always practice the “customer first” concept. Our short-sale processing services are available to all real estate agents at NO COST to the agent. You keep 100% of your commission! There are No Upfront Fees or hidden costs. We get paid from the foreclosing lender upon a successful short sale transaction and closing.

As you know, short sales can be a long and difficult process and there are many companies out there claiming to be short sale professionals.  It is for this reason that typically only 15-30 percent of short sales get approved.  However, our short sale approval rate exceeds an unheard of 80 percent success rate.  Watch out for imitators who are usually easily identified with just a few questions: 1) How long have they been processing short sale approvals  2) How many short sales have they successfully negotiated 3) How many of those transactions actually closed?  4) What is their success rate?  You will quickly find that very often, these “short sale specialists” actually have very little actually experience and many of them just started handling short sales when their normal real estate business disappeared.  Not us!  La Playa Title, LLC has been processing and closing short sales long before it became the “next big thing.”   Our short sale and real estate closing experience combined with our title insurance agency and the backing of a reputable Real Estate Attorney gives us an obvious edge on our competition.  We know how to avoid and solve the most common issues that contribute to a failed short sale. In our eyes, a failed short sale is simply not an option.

When you choose us to handle your short sale, you are making a life changing decision.  Instead of dealing with mountains of paperwork and wasting valuable time faxing and re-faxing documents and calling banks over and over without a response, you will be able to focus on what you do best. … SELLING MORE REAL ESTATE.
We are entirely confident that you will be pleased with the professionalism and effectiveness of our staff and services. Try us out on just one or your files and we believe you will never process another short sale on your own again.  Remember, there is NO charge to you or your client so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Short Sale and Purchase Testimonial

To whom it may concern:

I hired LaPlaya Title company towards the end of November 2012 to help me with my ‘under water’ mortage situation. Erik, Billy, Mike and team took great interest in helping me work with my bank and get us to a resolution that all parties can agree to.


The end result was more than anyone in my situation could hope for – LaPlaya Title submitted all short sale paperwork required by the bank in a very timely manner making my shortsale process a seamless effort. It was shocking how focused LaPlaya Title handled my short sale.


The next thing I knew, we had a cash deal from a buyer, LaPlaya Title handled ALL paperwork with the bank and I closed on my property Dec 2012!


In summary: LaPlaya Title closed my shortsale in an astounding 34 days! (where I have heard it can take months!) – I received my 1099-C (cancellation of debt) from my bank early Jan 2013. Awesome guys!


To add to my short sale process; in the same exact timeframe as above. LaPlaya title found me a new condo allowing me to move into my next chapter.
Thanks again guys, I still talk about how easy a short sale can be if they use the right company.
Sincerely thankful,
Joe P.

Short Sale Processing

r8La Playa Title is now proud to offer short sale processing. Our team can process your short sale for you, or we can assist you with your listing clients. We can even structure a specific program that works for you.
Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • - Same day turnaround on preliminary huds; in most cases, they will be emailed to you in less than two hours
  • - Short Sale Processing with approvals in as little as 60 days
  • - Same Day response on file status via email
  • - Optional closing and title insurance services
  • - 25% referral programs
  • - Nations leading software platform
  • - NO upfront fees
  • - weekly email updates to all involved parties on every file

Do not let your deals fall apart or experience embarrassment in front of your clients at the hands of a new, inexperienced company just because they offered a seminar and free lunch.   When it comes to closing deals, longevity and experience matter the most.
As the old adage goes, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is…
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* Richard Chosid comes to us with his wealth of experience in just about all aspects of the law. He has been in active practice since being admitted to the Florida Bar in November, 1963 and the Michigan Bar Association early in 1964. As an active trial attorney he had been admitted to several United States District Courts, Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. He is a family man, married with three grown children, six grand children and his mother with whom he is very close.

He brings a wealth of experience in a variety of business experiences. He has hands on experience working in the construction and home sales business from laborer to officer of the largest residential builder in the state of Michigan to being a real estate broker. These varieties of experiences and interests have helped develop Mr. Chosid into a particularly insightful and knowledgeable counselor who can relate well to the concerns of his clients.

After being admitted to practice, Mr. Chosid opened his own office in a suburb of Detroit, initially working in the area of commercial collection litigation, often participating in as many as five trials in a day, four to five days a week from the outset. In no time Mr. Chosid became an accomplished trial attorney. He also became a member of the American Arbitration Association as well. His experience in court attracted the attention of others who saw him working in that environment which led to a more extensive litigation practice as a criminal defense attorney. He brought his wealth of experiences to that practice which was very successful, with matters heard in approximately 15 state jurisdictions and over 25 Federal Districts.

At the same time Mr. Chosid undertook an extensive domestic relations practice concentrating on dissolution but also including other family disputes and adoptions. He has several clients who have been with him for legal guidance and assistance in their business and personal affairs since the early 60’s, both in Michigan and Florida, although several have relocated throughout the country.

Mr. Chosid offers us his extensive experience in all aspects of real estate and construction, enhanced by his vast experiences at trial, arbitration and mediation. Based upon his extensive litigation experience, he continues to direct his energy toward helping to save family homes from foreclosures. Foreclosure defense has become the major thrust of his practice for the past several years. He has an insatiable work ethic which often results in his working well into the evening hours. We all look forward to the benefits which can be derived from the vast experience and judgment which Mr. Chosid brings our company.

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